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Thought s About Lost!


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Lost! is to be released on Sept 22 2008 as seen on Wikipedia .com im not sure........ But it says there.....


I think this song is going to be another hit...... because Sometimes I prefer it better than Viva la vida when im listening to both simultaneously!:laugh3: Any thoughtS?

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HAHA!! were making this a chat room!


Hmmmmmmmm...... my internet pretty slow... so im just patiently waiting for the refresh ........... AROBTTH> X&Y>Parachutes but I think X&Y's my fav since its new and sounds cooler..... but I dont have VLV yet.... im pretty excited since i heard violet hill and viva such amazing songs!Theyve blown my expectations:D

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i think that in all honesty coldplay fever reached its zenith so early for this album that follow up singles won't do nearly as well in terms of mass popularity. i dont know if the band will go that hard after this song doing well - my meaning being that without a bump from themselves the song will be lost to a small mainstream following for a few weeks and then fizzle. if they go after it hard i could see it doing well, but i dont see that.

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