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Another 'Kraut' here *lol* - Hamburg calling!


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Hiya everyone :)


My name's Kirsten and I guess I am probably one of the more 'mature' forum posters here ;) *hehe*

Well, mature relates to my age, not to the state of my mind :laugh3:


Like many other people, I knew Coldplay's music for quite some time but didn't pay too much attention to them, what they stand for, what they are like aso.


Loved the album 'X&Y' and 'SOS' is probably my alltime fave track, next to 'Trouble' and a dozen others *lol*


I am feeling really ashamed that I didn't see them live until Sept. 14th, 2008. One time I was close to buy tickets for a concert in Hamburg but I can't remember why I didn't do it?!


So then the new album came and 'Violet Hill' as a first single.

Honestly speaking, it took some time until it grew on me, but when I heard 'Viva La Vida' I was totally in love with that song and I guess I heard it on repeat for a couple of days ... my poor neighbours *lol*


As I mentioned, September 14th, 2008 was my first Coldplay 'live experience' and I just loved it.

Even the usual cold and reserved Hamburg crowd was really into it and from the very beginning the atmosphere was amazing.

Haven't seen such a brilliant concert in a long time.


Well, unfortunately only managed to see the band live once, but I will try to get some tickets for the UK - anywhere!


My 'problem' is, that I have a bigger holiday in November/December and therefore the dates for a concert are limited but maybe I will be lucky to get some tickets somewhere :)

That would definately make my day :)


Great to have found this place and I guess I will be here more often from now on :)

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