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Coldplay receive several Gold and Platinum awards in Germany


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sorry if this has already been posted !





Coldplay are pleased with their success in Germany from left to right: Johnny Buckland, Will Champion, Guy Berryman, Chris Martin, © EMI




Cologne, 18.09.2008 - Shortly before one of her performances have been acclaimed German Coldplay by EMI Music Canada with three gold and platinum awards honored.



Over 300,000 Germans have the world's most successful current album, "Viva La Vida" since the publication in June bought. Chris Martin and his band have been colleagues for this success with a triple Gold Award.


For more than 500,000 albums sold in Germany from their previous studio release "X & Y" was the band 5 times the gold award.


But it still waited a third award for the world's most successful band: EMI Music Canada over the Coldplay-platinum award for the unique DVD "Live 2003".


Still in the gold-and platinum-rush off the superstars on the stage with 19,000 fans sold out Lanxess Cologne Arena. In the past four concerts in Mannheim, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin were Coldplay before frenzied sold-out arenas for their grand show celebrated.


On 26.09. The band returns to its last German being the sold-out concert in Munich's Olympic hall.



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woop. i assume those awards waited a long time to be picked up! there are "AROBTTH" ones among them!

geeeez, coldplay, you should visit germany more often! :laugh3:

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