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Miley Cyrus's mom thinks Chris is ugly!!!!!


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Yeah, where did you get ugly from?


In my opinion however, Chris Martin is ugly.

It's not a crime to think so, why does it even matter, will you only love someone if they're hot?

And no, they are not perfect. Thinking so is just setting you up for disappointment and implies you don't consider them real people basically. Either that or you're painfully ignorant. Or what?


Oh, and a bunch of you that have been here seem highly hypocritical. Bias at its finest.


This is a perfect example of why people feel pressured to hide what they like and don't like, etc.



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"My ideal man is a 16-year-old Chris Martin. But my mum says I have terrible taste," the Daily Express quoted her, as saying[/font]

Now i dont know bout all of u but who ever says our man is ugly should go FUCK THEMSELVES!!!! :veryangry2: :angry:

Wow, so it's fine to say someone should f*ck themselves, but not to say about your daughter that she has bad taste? I guess I should go and f*ck myself, since I don't find Chris attractive at all.

and This:

So what? My mum thinks all of them are ugly
and what Glacial Fox just said! :D
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Yeah, you worded it terribly for a perfectionist ;)

I think I got what you mean.


xxKels, if people feel like hiding what they like/dislike, then I think they also have troubles saying that they feel pressured to hide what they (dis)like.

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I have a terrible time putting things into words, which definitely isn't fun if you're a perfectionist haha.

I was also referring to things other than likes and dislikes but I failed. xD




MILEY CYRUS' MOM THINKS CHRIS IS UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111133333333241151

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^Well I worded it veryyy terribly but surely you must get what I was saying there and that it's true? O____o


Oh, and me. :|


And not so much pressure, but.....afraid?


No, it's the internet, I don't see why anyone would care what someone else on the internet says about their opinion too much.

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