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new too !


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hi !

I'm Camille from france

I'm not a coldplay addict since the gig in france cause i didn't manage to get places and since this time i always come to this site to know the news not to be lag behind again !

but i also find in this site a great ambiance btw fans and i now want to be in!


so i know coldplay since i heard the scientist a few years ago and now it's difficult not to listen to them all day ! i don't think i'll find here the cure but i really don't mind :D


see you soon


and sorry if my english is not good hope i will improve ...

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Welcome Camille!!!!


I'm also a newbie here, but i can assure you you'll get the hang of it pretty quick!!!!


Don't worry 'bout your english, there's quite a lot of people <me included> here that don't have english as a mother tongue, and that's never a problem!!!


Just don't let Chavi bully you!!!!! :lol: .... just kidding....


Bienvenida!!!!! :dance:

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