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Kaiser Chief Ricky: I lost my cool over Coldplay


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I lost my cool over Coldplay

Kaiser Chief Ricky reveals his most chilling encounter





By Dean Marsh, 05/10/2008


THEY sang I Predict A Riot—but Kaiser Chief frontman Ricky Wilson couldn’t have predicted what would happen when he met rival band Coldplay . . .


For he made a fool of himself by moaning that he was BUSIER than Chris Martin’s hit group.



Leeds lad Ricky bumped into them at a recording studio. He confessed: “Whenever bands get together, all they do is moan about how busy their touring and promotional schedules are.



“I did the same when I met Coldplay. I felt such an idiot, because they looked at me like, ‘Oh, you think Kaiser Chiefs are busy? Try being in Coldplay, mate.’



“They were right, too. After all, Coldplay have got the planet to save as well as selling billions of albums.



“What have Kaiser Chiefs tried to save? Leeds United. Mind you, the band’s not doing bad this season.”



Ricky, 30, laughs realising he’s just called his beloved football team a band. “See! I’m that obsessed with music I think everyone’s in a band. It’s tragic.”



Joking aside, Ricky hates groups whingeing about how tough their lives are. “I’ve got it easy,” he insists. “Kaiser Chiefs are my favourite band in the country, and I’m their singer. How great is that?



“Making music has never felt like work. It’s a doddle. That’s not because we’re creative geniuses. But the hardest job in the studio is a lot more fun than the easiest day in my last job—folding trousers in a shop.”



Ricky admits the last album Yours Truly, Angry Mob came across as them carping about being famous. “That was really stupid,” he said. “How pathetic of us. Being famous is f***ing great.”



There are no such problems on the new album Off With Their Heads, which is out on October 20. The first single, Never Miss A Beat, has already gone down a storm when the band have played it live.



It features Lily Allen on impromptu backing vocals after she popped in to see Kaisers producer Mark Ronson. Ricky said: “She was really down to earth. Some singers would have demanded to sing a proper verse.”



Never Miss A Beat is out tomorrow.




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you might be busy with your music, Coldplay might be busy with their music,you have your band and you're happy about it and Coldplay have their band and they're happy with it.


But please stop getting jealous of each other and start irritating other people because they may or may not do good as you.


its a very bad thing that every one in this world faces at their job,its the bloody competition between the people that makes other suffer because of you.:thinking:

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if he's joking then why is he saying that he lost his cool?


where is the evidence that he's joking.


Well i still think that he's not happy with them.


But if he's ok then well i don't mind,because what's the need for me too to mind each and everything and waste a comment of mine posting here.

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