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Vote Rigging and Supression Ahead of the 2008 Election..

chuck kottke

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http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article 20984.htm


Greg Pallast discusses purging voters from the rolls in the U.S. by new I.D. requirements under the "Help America Vote Act" that Bush pushed through the U.S. Congress. It's disenfranchising tens of thousands of citizens (some estimates of up to 3 million citizens) from voting by making it necessary to have a driver's license or passport to prove citizenship, and all the government databases with a given name for an address must match exactly, or the voter is taken off the rolls of eligible voters. (For example, Robert Kennedy Jr.'s name has to be listed exactly as-is for a number of government databases, so for example if the "Jr." is left off, then they could purge his name from the rolls). Suggestions to help make sure your vote counts, if you are a US Citizen.

There's another movement to make it the law to use the popular vote for selecting the President here as well - so people in places like Puerto Rico, Guam, the Marianas, as well as getting a more accurate count from the U.S. States will count in the Presidential races. Basically, a movement to guarantee our Right to Vote as citizens.

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In summary, if you vote, go as a mob! Then bring a self-defense guide, and a small team of legal experts. If you recently have lost your home, have slight variations in your name, or are facing foreclosure (see Detroit's working-class neighborhoods, for example), you may be issued a wonderful provisional ballot; which can be contested by a Republican with a blackberry. However, if you live on a reservation in an area where there's lots of Uranium, then the individual with the blackberry could be a Democrat. (it depends).

In short, Pallast, a reporter for the BBC, says basically the law passed to disenfranchise poor people here. He suggests fighting back by voting early (some states allow this), but not by absentee ballot. Then, if your ballot is contested, there's plenty of time to fight it and prove that you do exist, and that you are a U.S. Citizen (unless of course you're Canadian or English or Spanish or Mexican, or are from "those other places" and cannot hold dual citizenship). If you want to vote here, please buy a home in Detroit (only $9.99, plus shipping and handling, tax and license included), and then file citizenship papers. Actually, first, move to a country where we haven't filled our quotas yet, and your home will be waiting for you when you get here! (& bring some tools and paint)). Vote. Then, having saved the world from tyranny, you may elect to stay or go back.

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