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Unsigned Bands/Artists You Recommend

Glossal Fragster

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used this thread to tell fellow coldplayers about unsigned bands and artists you love!


here's a few from me:


Mark Hole - Amazing Singer/Songwriter


http://www.markhole.com , http://www.myspace.com/markhole



The Scholars - a band i love




The Sirens Call - good band





now you go forth and suggest bands! :D

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All Aussie Bands


Birds of Tokyo - great straight out clean rock band great melodies and instrumentation

Cog - one of australias best prog rock bands

Dead Letter Circus - awesome pop punk band with an incredible vocalist and drummer. the guitarist is very much like The Edge

Tame Impala - very difficult to categorise these guy but check em out.

Children Collide - great rock band with a hint of soft metal about them

Little Red - very good beatles like sound mixed in with some 60s r'n'b

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