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I got lots of new features...but first: GONZO


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who's down with the brown luvvin'??

Are you a zaniac??

Turn it up LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


*ahem* that's MTV2Europe's GONZO with the main dude Zane Lowe... :cool:




i'm gonna own their ass one day...but they seem to be resistant to my emails :angry: :rolleyes: :D

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YEAH we are!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WOW there was a powercut just now but thanks to the electric company & their management i'm now in a position to bring this post to you....this is a post of a brand new thread..i've seen 4 posts, theyre incredible...Gonzo y'all turn it ON, LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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WOOOOO!!! *sends brown luvvin*...would that be C.O.D. or FedEx?..hahaha

yeah Gonzo rules ass!! I want his job though...how badass would it be to just act like a mentalist, interview musicians (though they're hardly proper "interviews! lol) and talk bollocks all day??!!...yeah life's tough for the ZAnIaC huh? :rolleyes: :)

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okay so this is still Zane but its Radio 1 not Gonzo..


What is your full name?

My full name is Alexander Zane Reid Lowe... but you can call me Zane... and in time Zipper... and possibly Zip. But never Zed.


Why has Radio 1 given YOU the new presenter job?

Er, why did they give me the new job? I dunno you'll have to ask them... answers on a postcard please - BBC Radio 1, London... somewhere.


How's your show gonna be different from other shows?

You'll have to listen to find out ultimately. I guess what I do on the radio is different to what everybody else does, it's really hard for me to sit down and analyse it because I'm doing it.


The whole fun of doing a radio show is ultimately it's really spontaneous and really live and you don't have to think about it too much. But I'd like to think that what we will be doing (whether it's different to anybody else) is just getting behind the music. Pushing the music really hard and making the most of the songs that we have. Making the most of the 2 hours that we have on the radio and just trying to employ this kinda community spirit and bring everybody in on it. I think it's much better when everybody's involved.


Give us your life story in... 10 seconds!

O.K. I was born in New Zealand. I got on a plane. I travelled to America. I drove across the country. I arrived in England. I've been here for 6 / 7 years. I love my life, I love my job, I love my wife.


What's the best gig you've ever been to?

There's been a lot, you can never really pick one. Public Enemy, Fear Of A Black Planet tour, Auckland Town Hall, early nineties... Radiohead Glastonbury.


Who is your favourite band?

That's such a hard question - your favourite band... I mean... it's constantly evolving y'know? It's a very sorta temporary mantle because I'm just a real sucker for new albums so I'm always looking for the next thing that's gonna make me happy.

I love the early nineties rock movement so I'm a big fan of SoundGarden, I think 'Super Unknown' is one of the best rock records ever made... and then I couldn't like SoundGarden unless I'd grown up with Led Zeppelin, and I couldn't get into Led Zeppelin if I didn't like the blues... and then there's hip hop and... next question!


Zane, who annoys you the most?

Er, I don't really get annoyed with people that often, and if I do it's always very fleeting.


Is it true you were in a hip hop act?

Yeah, I was in a hip hop group for about 6 / 7 years something like that. We were called Urban Disturbance you can find us http://www.zanesshitpast.com I am proud of all that stuff and I continue to make beats to this day. Making music is what I got into first and foremost. The media thing was always just a hobby. But now it's a well paid hobby!


Someone told me that you sing over the records. Is that true?

Oh, the singing over the records thing... That just came about because when I was at my previous job I didn't really have a producer at the time and I was sandwiched inbetween or either side of a show that had the whole staff working on it and it was a really intimidating thing.


So ultimately I just decided I was gonna do a radio show like I was just in my bedroom singing along, having fun with music. It wasn't even like I sat down and I wrote down a plan, it just sort of emerged. I used to get so into it because I was on my own and I had it cranked so loud that eventually I started out by just kinda raising the mic halfway and just singing over the end to lead into a talk break.


I really wanna have a good time with it. I don't just wanna be poe-faced and play the records stop. start. stop. start. We try and mix it up and tell a story. It's not an ego related thing... well it is an ego-related thing...


Are you still gonna have live bands on the show?

Yes definitely. It wouldn't be the kind of radio show that I'd wanna work on unless we had a chance to bring bands and their instruments in to play their music.


Ultimately that is one of the greatest luxuries of doing a radio show on a station that has those kinds of facilities that y'know, we can have a front row seat, and so can you to a really special performance - be it acoustic in the live lounge or full blown electric affair done at Maida Vale.


I'm looking forward to using that BBC muscle - getting bands in to have a really good time and take their time to get it sounding really good. So it's gonna be good man, it's definitely gonna be good - we won't let you down on that.



What about playing new unsigned bands?

Yeah - definitely! But they have to be ready. There's no point in giving exposure to a band if they're not ready because that prejudices people.


Who would you like to meet?

I've been very fortunate to be afforded the luxury of being able to talk to musicians on a day to day basis that I really admire, and to talk about their music that I really love y'know. Whether I'm spending time with Deftones or hanging out with your good selves. That happens a lot.


I get to pretty much pick and choose with the help of some people who have good taste (in my opinion) about who we get on the show. It's not really that I'm ever put in a position where I'm like - "O.K... I'll talk to them" y'know?


So when you start asking me who I'd like to meet, I'm either gonna be digging in the grave and pulling out names like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.


Or, having made music my life, I haven't really had a chance to talk to film directors and public figures and stuff, so I would love to spend an hour with the Coen Brothers and find out what was going through their mind when they made 'The Big Lebowski' or 'Blood Simple' or I'd like to hang out with Wes Anderson or spend some time with Robert DeNiro or Christopher Walken y'know? Preferably at the same time!


So... are they gonna make you play lots of cheesy dance music.. you know... like the kind that I like that you don't like?

The dance music thing. I can see why people might be a little bit concerned that we're gonna follow Radio 1's lead and start really banging out dance music in the evenings but you get enough of that at Radio 1. They pick and choose the finest cuts for that kinda stuff on other shows and ultimately we're there to pick up the slack.


There will be club music but it'll be stuff that we think is relevant and, like I said, fits into the same story as the other music that we're playing. It is true that everyone who works on the show has got a really broad taste in music, myself included. I think that that's a plus y'know, I wouldn't wanna work necessarily in a genre specific show - just a hip hop show or just an alternative rock show, whatever 'cos it doesn't really represent what I'm into and I really think that radio really has to be an honest representation of whoever's driving it as much as whoever's listening to it.


So we do wanna cover all the ground and you know what? It's a challenge. It's a challenge to swing people who aren't necessarily into dance music but happen to sorta go "I'm really felling that" or people who never really gave hip hop much of a chance but go "actually that Gang Starr single's got bump and I like it and the rhymes are nice and Gooey's got flow"... so, I dunno, give me a chance. Maybe I can sell you on it!


Zane. Are you any good at fighting?

NO! But don't try it!



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*reads interview* KEWL!! Cheers for that agent Sammstress, you're doing stellar work here at Gonzo HQ, yes brand new features indeed..i'v read the interview it's incredible..and believe me the show is that big right across the board.. :cool:


err what time's it on do you know!? :rolleyes:

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