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Help me rent my apartment!

Matter-Eater Lad

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I've been trying craigslist but without any luck. And Jay if you ever around and want too look at it let me know. I forgot one small thing though, you're supposed to be in school to take the lease, but they never check, they just ask you to put down what college you go to. I really need to remember that when I advertise that.


If you want to look at the complex visit http://www.gainesvilleplace.com to get a better feel for the place.

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Is your room at university ? In that case you could put an ad at a bus stop nearby the university. People that are compelled to rent downtown would be glad to be at university itself instead of renting downtown. I think in any case it would be a good idea to write a nice ad with a pic of your room at a bus stop and at the supermarket. The TV in the room is also a good idea. :)

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