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Yellow on xfactor


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stupid me not reading things properly... i looked on the website:


After missing last week’s show through illness, Diana Vickers didn’t need any more stress lumped onto her, but guess what folks… that is exactly what she’s now got!

Because at the very last minute during today’s dress rehearsal the decision was made to CHANGE the Blackburn gal’s song!

We can’t give away too many details, because we don’t want to spoil tonight’s show for you. All we will say is Diana will now be singing Yellow by Coldplay, instead of Never Ever by Allsaints.

Could this 11th hour change signal a rocky night ahead for Diana?

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Not bad. Far from perfect, but not bad. I've heard Coldplay songs done far worse for sure.


I like her voice. :)


Well actually her voice is really starting to bug me now, especially after this evening's shenanigans. Listening to a whole album of her singing would be like torture, I reckon................................ :dozey:

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Well she absolutely murdered the song. It was quite possibly the worst version of "Yellow" I've ever heard. IMO, Coldplay should sue!!:angry:

When are people going to learn never to touch Coldplay songs? It's a total disgrace.:(


I don't have audio on the computer I'm using...but it can't possibly be worse than avril lavigne's butchery of the scientist!!!...can it?

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