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Help with a project please!


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Ok so I have this project in my English class where we have to choose a "powerful person" and read a biography on them.


Our teacher said not to take the definition of "powerful" too literally, so you can really interpret in any way. Does anyone have any suggestions on who I could pick?


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Think of a general topic you have interest in and then try to narrow it down.


For example I always have been interested in the halocaust. So I would probs pick oskar schindler.


But there is alot of powerful people.


When I think of poweful I think of someone who made a change, either good or bad.


schindler, che guervara, hitler, the blackpanther party(dont know leaders name), rosa parks, nelson mandela.etcetcetc.


Im sure you will think of someone!




this may help.


But.. even a teacher of yours could be poweful, it all depnds on how you interpret the word.

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