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NRJ Music Awards (17th Jan) - Cannes / Chris Martin performs solo 'LiTii'


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I think chris is so carefree in what he does. I mean the fact that he's so confident in these types of situations is great. He fits the role of lead singer perfectly and he's certainly enhanced the profile of coldplay massively. Anyway he needs to get rid of that beard!

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I think the perfomance was great, but still he could have done a better job. The piano was off quite a few times ... maybe Lost? would have been better. Anyway, his hair has just the right length now. I hope he won't shave it off again.

And sometimes he looked really uncomfortable, I think he feels safer with his boys. ;)


Ech... I think the performance was...weird...

What was with the piano playing? It just seemed like he was still practicing the whole performance...


Nevermind... His acceptance speech was awesomely cute, so it's all good. :laugh3:

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