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Solid Ground

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If anyone has a copy of it, listen to not only the lyrics, but the structure of an old b-side called Solid Ground that they only ever performed once live in 2003, and at the start he mentioned the inclusion of brass in the final mix.


I will upload it another time if no one has it but it is definitely something of an old iteration lyrical wise of a song that Chris has obviously wanted to make for a while.


I have always thought the song was something of an apology to the other boys in the band for any mistakes.

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiOb-H__TnQ&feature]YouTube - Coldplay - Death will never Conquer[/ame]


'let me go, boys, let me go' is to be heard in that song. :)


you can download the song from coldplay's website here

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