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people who want the limited release


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My Best Buy must be an odd ball, because when I snagged the deluxe edition yesterday, there were at least 20 deluxe copies and dozens more than that of the EP itself (there were STACKS upon STACKS). I didn't even see people buying them. It made me feel really bad, actually, especially after reading from others that this EP is in limited supply.


Really, check your local Best Buys not just for copies, but for the temporary discounts you get for them. Being new releases, they're several dollars cheaper than what they mark them for.

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Guest LiquidSky

I should I buy the deluxe one also? I already have 2 copies of the Viva La Vida Album.. so I just bought the EP one.. :thinking:

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My father knows one of the guys who works in our local record store and asked how many copies they'd be stocking of the Prospekt's March EP. The answer was 40!!! I was rather surprised but maybe there are lots of Coldplay fans in this area! Dad didn't ask about the 2 CD set but I assume they have lots of those too.

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