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oh hello all of you coldplay fans ;D


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Hey...Welcome.....nice avi.....Whats the story behind it?.....love the sig too!!


aww!♥ thank you :hug:


so you see here's the story behind my avatar :D

so i went to see coldplay<3 in denver :)

and i was soooo close to the stageee♥ :dance:

and right next to my seat there was stairs that ended up 2 feet from the stage so ofcourse i think to myself "OMMGGGGG :shocked2: i have to go down the stairsss:lol:"

so when the concert was over they left, then they came right back out<3 and they played yellow as an encore :heart::smug:

and there i goo rushing down the stairs! and for some unknown reasons the concert was full of a bit older fans soooo on the stairs there was like me and 3 or so more other people, and a old men right next to me♥ haha.. and there i'm screaming my heart outt :laugh1:

and soo chrissss <333 starts going backwards towards where jonny is playing:guitarist:♥ and is very very close to me, sooo i scream even louder! hahaa

and i'm sure he hurd me :laugh3:

so when he went back to the mic and got the the part of the song -> "I drew a line for you"

HE TUUURNS AND POINTS RIIIGHT AT MEEEE :shocked2: ..right at"youu" :dead: aaand omggg :blush::blush::blush: IT WAS THEEEEE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!:D:D♥ hhahahah<3

i couldn't believe my eyes lolol, i almost died :lol: and the girl next to me noticed it too! :laugh3:

sooo thenn, when i got back to my town! i went on youtube, and i found somebody that uploaded a video of the whole song in the concert :D and you can totally see it, you can even hear me screm right after he points hahahhahahaha :P

sososoososo the avatar is a screenpicture of the video.. lolol :smug:



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