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The Killers mention Coldplay in radio interview


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In a recent radio interview with Matt Pinfield at 101.9, Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci talked about Coldplay and "Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends."



Leslie: Have you guys heard, that "Human" is a huge hit with all the guys in Coldplay. They absolutely love that song, especially Chris Martin


Brandon: They've been real nice about ya know, singing us some praises.


Ronnie: I'd like to say that their band, and their latest record, is one of my favorites ever actually. It's a really great record, I hope that enough people get to listen to it..




You can hear their interview here





Chris also got interviewed by the same D.J's a couple of weeks ago.



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I've noticed not only the appreciation for one another's band, but that many fans of Coldplay are fans of The Killers, and vice versa.


Heck, Chris even broke out into a cover of "Human" in the middle of VLV at the concert I went to last week.

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