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The green Ho Ho Home!!


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The green Ho Ho Home: Neighbours light up street with 90,000 Christmas energy-saving bulbs for just £80 a month


By Nick Rutherford

Last updated at 2:37 PM on 07th December 2008



Although they are mainly blue and white, the 90,000 Christmas lights brightening up this cul-de-sac are really green.

Because the six households that take part in an annual tradition of illuminating their homes in Trinity Close, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset with festive lights only use LED low energy bulbs.


article-1092625-02B91513000005DC-491_468x377.jpg They may look blue and white but these lights are really GREEN and only cost a fraction of the price of using ordinary bulbs

So it only costs each house around £80 in electricity over the six-week period despite each being covered with 15,000 bulbs.


The tradition has been running around ten years - becoming something of a local tourist attraction - with visitors donating money to a cancer charity to see the lights, raising £4,000 so far this year.


It was started by Nick Gardner, 40, and wife Hazel, 39, with neighbours Chris Woodberry, 62, and his late wife Christine, who died earlier this year aged 61.

Electrician Mr Gardner said: 'It started out as a bit of a competition between the two of us and each year we'd try and outshine the other one. Now that's all gone and it's just something we do.

'It does cost a bit in electricity but that's outweighed by not needing to put the heating on or switch on lights inside the house while they're on.'


article-1092625-02B9195A000005DC-780_468x302.jpg Nick and Hazel Gardner - pictured with son Harvey - started the tradition ten years ago

He spends two full days fitting 15,000 lights to his house each November.

He said: 'Thanks to energy saving lightbulbs it only costs me about £80 extra on top of my normal electricity bill for the whole six weeks.

'Some people might think it's eccentric but it cheers us up and you only live once.'

All public donations go to Petals, a charitable trust set up in memory of Christine Woodbury, to benefit local cancer hospices.

Paula Payne, 64, has been taking part in the decorations since she moved to the area with husband Graham, 68.

She said: 'We moved here three years ago and it was the done thing so we just joined in. It's a real community activity, it's a great way to get to know your neighbours.

'Each year one of us starts off and the others join in. If someone is short of lights then someone else will lend them to them.

'I made a pact with my family about ten years ago not to buy presents for each other, so this is how I spend my money so that it can benefit the local people.

'It's beautiful and really brings out the Christmas spirit. We must be the most festive street in Britain!'


article-1092625-02B91BA2000005DC-530_468x294.jpg Six families in the street decorate their homes with festive lights

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Spam sucks but it's just one spam so I see no need to be serious;)

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