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How many Coldplay songs?


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I wonder how many Coldplay songs you guys have? And if I'm missing songs?


I have now 104 songs from Coldplay on my iPod - but some are double, because of the Live 2003 CD, and including some Christmas songs that Chris sings.


Am I missing songs?

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I think you're right Sirhc, I'm on Becoldplay as well :)

Nice to meet you here too!


By the way, maybe you should visit the EP, singles and B-sides thread in the Multimedia section! It has loads of good stuff..


Edit; Congrats with you 100th post!! I'm going for my 1000th post which will not take very long I suppose.. :blush:

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I'll have a look for you.. Have got some live versions, recorded at philadelphia, brixton, bbc or barcelona, which one do you prefer?




Edit: I recommend you the BBC 2 or the Philadelphia one.. Or Brixton... hmmmm.. so hard!! I'll upload them all for you so you can make a choice yourself, how about that?

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Where did you get those from?


I've got the full concerts on my pc.. downloaded them long time ago.. :) Lovely to hear though, it's like going back to the 3rd of october when I saw the guys in Ahoy Rotterdam..


God I wish I could go back to that... :blush:

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