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Happy BOOZE Year (again)!!


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Have a bloody good year: Fights, arrests and a giant clean-up operation as Britain begins the New Year hangover


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 10:52 AM on 01st January 2009




Enlarge article-0-02ECCB17000005DC-368_306x403.jpg An injured reveller is helped from the Gilgamesh nightspot in London last night


As cities across the country count the cost of clean-up operations, some revellers are waking up to the New Year with serious injuries or in prison cells after taking their celebrations one step too far.

In London last night, around 3,300 officers were involved in the Met's New Year's policing operation, along with the British Transport Police and other emergency services.

During the festivities, Scotland Yard made 78 arrests - 39 were for public order offences; 18 for assault; 10 for drunk and disorderly; three for carrying offensive weapons; two each for drugs, sexual offences and theft; one for robbery; and one for obstructing police.

Supt Brian Pearce said the majority of revellers had been well-behaved, despite the scale of the celebrations.

article-1103511-02ECA7F6000005DC-597_634x396.jpg Cardiff: Police arrest one reveller in the centre of the city in the early hours











Exhausting New Year: Revellers in Plymouth (left) and Cardiff (right) have one drink too many and take to the pavements for a rest


article-1103816-02ECC6AF000005DC-737_634x431.jpg A male complains to a Police officer showing him his facial injuries


article-1103816-02ECCCB5000005DC-512_634x356.jpg A girl lies on the pavement in a drunken state on the streets of Newcastle

'The nature of New Year's Eve in central London has changed. What used to be a relatively low-key spontaneous night is now a world-class event that attracts thousands and thousands of people,' he said.

'Such large crowds create a challenging policing environment. Our officers worked hard, alongside the stewards, to keep people safe and ensure they could get home again at the end of the night.

'The atmosphere of the event meant that in the main the crowds were good humoured and there were no major issues reported to police.








Newcastle: A bleeding man is led away by friends and a drunken male is pictured with blood across his face

The clean-up is not just restricted to England, with cities such New York and Sydney beginning giant clean-up operations.




article-1103511-02ECB29A000005DC-902_634x372.jpg Mess New Year: A clean-up worker sweeps up in New York's Times Square after the celebrations


article-1103511-02EC9868000005DC-441_634x402.jpg 'What happened here last night?': The clean-up begins in earnest in Sydney, Australia, after the continent welcomed in the New Year

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My brother said it was quiet last night in Salisbury with only 2 jobs coming in, both booze related though (drink driver crashing & and a fight).


That picture of the rubbish is nothing compared to the Sunday morning at Glastonbury where the entire pyramid stage area was covered with litter.

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