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Countering The Marxist Critical Theory


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Countering The Marxist Critical Theory


We need to defy Political Correctness at every level. We need to hold PC institutions such as the media responsible for obscuring the truth about the origins of violent crime and those responsible for it in our countries. We need to point out those unproductive members of our society who sponge on the tax and sweat of others; those who keep on having babies when they can hardly look after themselves. We should point out the illegal immigrants, drug dealers and organised criminals in our societies and not be scared to call a spade a spade


“Out of the dominant characteristics of both belligerents a certain center of gravity develops, the hub of all power and movement, on which everything depends. That is the point against which all our energies should be directed.”

– Carl von Clausewitz


It was the seventies and I was a young lad growing up in South Africa when I first encountered Political Correctness. Of course I did not know it was called “Political Correctness” at the time. I remember hearing the grownups talking about a new law that came out prohibiting Whites from referring to Blacks as “Kaffirs”, Cape Coloureds as “Hotnots” and Indians as “Coolies”. Even then I found it a ridiculous law and could not believe the grownups actually taking it seriously.


Today we see the results of this Marxist brainwashing in the behavior of our people. White people in South Africa are so fearful of offending others, they constantly look over their shoulders, making sure the door is closed and lowering their voices before they say anything that could be remotely considered derogatory towards Blacks. Even then they tone it down, irrespective of the other person being a close friend or family member. One is never sure how the other person is going to react. Nobody wants to be branded a racist, sexist, or homophobe.


Where did it all come from, all this Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, Affirmative Action, Media control, Control of our education system, etc…? More importantly, how do we turn the tide on it?


The previous National Party government in South Africa called it “The Total Onslaught of Communism”, but what is it exactly and who is behind this Communist onslaught on Western Civilization?


We have to remember that if we fight Marxist terrorists in the bush or townships; we are merely hacking away at the branches. What we need to do is go after the roots, but where do the roots of Marxist Ideology lie? Moscow? Beijing?


No… It is in Frankfurt, Germany and it is called, “The Institute for Social Research” (Institut für Sozialforschung) and was found in 1924, better known today as the Frankfurt School; a Think-tank of Marxist Scientific ideology.



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