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Chris Martin voted one of Britain's moodiest celebrities


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Heather Mills has been named Britain’s Moodiest Celebrity.


The former model topped the list for her behaviour during her divorce from Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney – including an appearance on British TV show ‘GMTV’ in which she tearfully complained about the media’s treatment of her.


Mills, 41, beat tantrum-throwing supermodel Naomi Campbell and pouting Victoria Beckham into second and third place respectively for the unwanted honour.


A spokesperson for Karma St. John’s Wort, who carried out the survey of 1,500 people, said: “Heather’s rant on ‘GMTV’ when she likened herself to Princess Diana earned her the place of the moodiest celebrity but Naomi Campbell makes a worthy runner-up.


“She often looks down in the mouth and her diva-like behaviour has set off a string of outbursts.”


Rocker Pete Doherty and Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher came fourth and fifth in the survey.


Completing the rest of the top 10 were troubled ‘Rehab’ star Amy Winehouse, former MP John Prescott, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, deadpan comedian Jack Dee and ‘Weakest Link’ host Anne Robinson.


Britain’s Moodiest Celebrities:


1. Heather Mills

2. Naomi Campbell

3. Victoria Beckham

4. Pete Doherty

5. Noel Gallagher

6. Amy Winehouse

7. MP John Prescott

8. Chris Martin

9. Jack Dee

10. Anne Robinson





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