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"VIVA LA VIDA" GOAL HYME for HSV (Hamburger SV) german footballteam!


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IT`s so great....

I watch football yesterday, HSV against Bayern Munich...

then Petric scored the goal for HSV and 50000 people were singing "Ohhooooohhhhooooo, Ohhhhooooooohoooooo" "VIVA LA VIDA"

The new GOAL HYME is "Viva la Vida" everytime the HSV will score a goal, the hole stadium will sing VIVA LA VIDA...so I had to asked a question to the oracle:


Has anyone of the band realized, that a successful German soccer team called "Hamburger SV" (Championsleague Winner 1983) plays "Viva la Vida" when the HSV score a goal???

Watch it on youtube!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGwiqUiBdlE]YouTube - Mladen Petric goal. HSV - Bayern.[/ame]

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And do they play "Lost" after every defeat too??:rolleyes:


And when they're losing 3-0 at half-time, do they play "Don't Panic"??:rolleyes:


And when the players keep pulling out of tackles, they should play "Yellow".:rolleyes:


And if one of the players gets a red card, they play "Trouble".:rolleyes:


Im crying now...

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Good song, bad football team I'd say! :P


I also watched that game last Friday (thank God the winter break is over now) and I couldn't believe my ears. :D Ironically it was none other than Mladen Petric who kicked England out of the Euro 2008 qualification.

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