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Coldplay instruments


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yes, His piano is a Yamaha GT-20. I assume you mean the smaller keyboard though. That is a Korg Kontrol49. If you search it wont look anything like it because it is painted. This is not an actually keyboard or synth, rather a MIDI controller that is used to control most likely computer software programs or rack gear. The actual unit itself produces no sound, only acts to give commands to a master program.


Hey everyone, just a quick question? does any1 no wat the piano or synth is called that chris martin uses in viva la vida? :)
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Is that how they get their backing tracks started for each song? I'm a musician and still am baffled on how it works. Especially for songs like The Scientist and Fix You, where it's only Chris for the intro, yet Will will lean down and count in..

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Will actually cues most (but not all) of their backing tracks/looped elements with a foot switch next to his hi-hat stand. If you look close you can sometimes see it in videos of them playing live.


I would assume they all have a click track playing via their in-ears to let them know where tehy are in a given song relating to the looped parts, as this is a fairly common tactic among bands that use extensive looping.

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