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if i made the effort to broadcast an acoustic session...


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... over the internet using a mic and my webcam...


... who would like to watch it - i would make it a 30 min set


... and would expect people to make lots of insulting posts and banter in the mb while i was playing :P

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cds - yay

dvds - hmmm some

books - good ones :D

mags - music mags :P

games - nahhhhh

clothes - only when in approprriate mood :s

holidays - mayyyyybe


gee, i seem to be treating everything like a questionnaire :o

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No, this is merely an illusion created by Maya.


Actually, you have just been abducted by aliens of the planet Czyrukwje. They have hypnotized you so you won't notice that you are invited for dinner tonight.


Oh, before I forget.. you ARE the dinner. :lol:

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