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can't stop crying!


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I was in Berlin last year. It was my first Coldplay's show and i can't stop crying when i'm thinking about it.

I can think only about this day. Its too hard for me cause i didnt know how important for me it will. I cant stop think about my next gig in hannover.

Why is that ? This music defeated me every day in my life. It's too beautiful to live normal ;d

ps. now im crying - ofc.

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don't feel silly about it...I've cried too at the 3 concerts I've been to, and have to try not to cry when i think about them/future concerts. and I'm 20 too..so it's all good.

I think since we're such hardcore fans, it's on an emotional level, like it's a hobby or something.

so yea..

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experiences of great beauty


Some people never cry and I think that's sad.

I'm 55 and there have been only a few experiences in my life during which the beauty and joy affected me so profoundly that tears were my response then and are still my first response when I think back on them. For me, those tears aren't of sadness but of immense joy and exhiliration.

In my opinion (many will laugh at this) you are lucky to have the capacity to expereince beauty and allow it to penetrate your psyche and alter your understanding of life, the universe, and everything.

There's only one thing I'd recommend: DANCE! SING! CELBRATE LIFE!

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Hi Janis, I am from Australia. I was at the same show in Berlin last September, was a great show, I didn't cry at the time, but I have been emotional since leaving Berlin (what a beautiful place). Try not to fret too much, you will get the chance to see them again (sometimes unexpected, see the Syd 14th March thread). As Rita said, just be happy you have managed to see them live, not everyone gets that chance, and I am sure living in Berlin the boys will be back for a visit soon.

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oh god. i cant tell it to anyone so i'll write here.


im so fucking sad and unhappy, moreover i am lonely. everything's going down. i have no job i dont study [cause it didnt work] i dont have a boyfriend, eh, nobody! i have nobody.

im crying every night. coldplay is the only one good thing in my life.


i hate my life :(

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*Hugs Janis*



I know how you feel. Life sucks sometimes. At the very least, you have something to live for, in your case, Coldplay. And if you ever need a virtual shoulder to cry on, the Coldplaying Forums are here. :)


But you said you're really lonely, well, I can't stress this enough: You aren't alone. No matter what, there will be people there for you. :)


I'm saying all this from experience, because I have been there. (In regards to the first post, 24 hours after my first CP concert last week at Acer Arena on the 15th, I was bawling like a baby. :P) My point is, people are there for you. We are there for you. I don't even know you, but I am there for you. :) (If you ever wanna chat, just PM me ;) )


So, chin up. Smile. Live life. :)


Hope to talk soon. :)

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It's an emotional experience for people who are real fans. I am 16..but seriously. I cry about it when I think about it too. I mean, THOUSANDS of people that all have one thing in common...their love of coldplay...get together and sing the songs they all love together and as loud as they can. What could be better?


One of the other things I cry about is...I was a pretty big fan back when I saw my first (and currently only coldplay concert) but I didn't freak out or anything when I got the tickets I was just like 'Omg! yay! Coldplay!' Now if I got coldplay tickets I'd scream, and cry and freak out like i just won the lottery! Well, okay to me, coldplay IS THE LOTTERY! :D But still.

I feel your pain :}


Edit: I'll be your friend if you want :D I feel the same way about my life right now!

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