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Hallo from Germany!


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Hello coldplayers!

I'm still learning english, so please excuse wrong sentences :embarassed:

I'm a quite new coldplay fan (since Viva la Vida) but I already liked and like the old songs. For my Birthday I will get tickets for Hannover. :D

I'm the sister of muffinsandmusic, my concert partner. Can I write 'concert partner'? :confused:

I think about the concert everyday... is this normal?


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Moin Moin and enjoy this place :)


It will be quite addictive ;)

And there's no cure for it :laugh3:


Like said above, there's a thread for german people in the 'International' forum and in case you have any questions or don't know how to ask something in english, just do it in german there :)


Have fun and maybe see you in Hannover ;)

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