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Natalie Imbruglia


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I recently heard Natalie say the delay with new album is because Chris Martin was writing her a song or songs and she wants to include them. One track which is most likely to be the first single off her album "Come To Life" was written by Chris and its called Scars.


Can anyone confirm how many songs Chris' written for Natalie?


Maybe Scars is the song Chris mentions on NME.

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Natalie Imbruglia may quit singing after album flop


POP star Natalie Imbruglia says she may quit her singing career.


After her last album flopped, peaking at number 67 on the ARIA music charts, Imbruglia is taking time to re-evaluate life, saying you need the hide of a rhinoceros to work in the music industry, The Sunday Telegraph reported.


“I'm deciding how I feel. It's breathing space to figure out how I'll continue - or if I will continue. Oops! Did that slip out?'' said Imbruglia, who is now based in London. We will see. I've put everything on hold to do this show. I'll take time out to figure it out.''


Imbruglia's 1997 debut album Left of the Middle and subsequent singles sold more than 10 million copies and topped the Australian charts. She also had a worldwide hit with her debut single, Torn. But she has since struggled to mirror her early success. The 35-year-old star's career fell apart with the release of her latest album, Come To Life, last October. Though it featured tracks written by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, it failed to crack the top 50 and sold a meager 750 copies in its first week.


“I ended up going independent, getting finance and doing it my way,'' Imbruglia said. “It's really hard out there, there's not as much money in the industry. They don't want to pay for campaigns. There have definitely been frustrations trying to put records out and do it the way I want.''


Imbruglia, former star of TV soap opera Neighbors, will use her time as a mentor on the upcoming Australian version of TV talent show X Factor to plot a future path. “I'm loving doing the show, though. This is a dream job for me,'' she said.



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“I'm deciding how I feel. It's breathing space to figure out how I'll continue - or if I will continue. Oops! Did that slip out?".


Oops! Nobody even cares!


Wonder if she'll be the next Mel C (Just keeps releasing flop after flop but wouldn't freaking give up).

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i actually have somewhat of an embarrassing story about natalie imbruglia:


every year, my family and i go to disney world in Florida. we love it, so don't hate haha. anyway, everytime we drive through the entrance gates to disney, we play "torn" by natalie imbruglia. i can't explain why, but it's a tradition for us. we love her, and her new album is great no matter what anyone says!

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