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Girls: Please Tell Me If This Is A Turnoff/Weird


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When my girlfriend and I were a a rock show, she sat on my lap. After awhile she's sorta moving around and talking to her friends while on my lap. I was actually getting a small *****. This usually doesn't happen to me. But is this a turnoff if a girl could notice/feel it. Also, when I make out with her, the same thing happens. But for me that sometimes happens. Is that a turnoff?


And guys. Does this happen to you?

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are you sure he is that clueless :uhoh:


i don't know why but i think he is not that clueless :thinking: ... but seems he has a big interest on that matter.. first the grinding thread now this one :inquisitive:


sort of remind me to another young user we had back in 2004 or so :worried:

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