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Better Seats Being Released Issue...


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While I'm upset this is happening, I'm also happy I'm able to get better seats. I really need to know one thing though. I have pit seats (3) and another set of 3 for the Atlanta show that I need to sell. On top of that, I just purchased my 5th set of 2 tickets to Charlotte. Not that I can't afford to buy these and hold onto them and sell them later, but will I be able to? I was about to put my Atlanta tickets on eBay and saw that no one was having luck selling them. Then I checked ticketmaster and realized there were much better seats open now at face value (which I am selling mine anyway). So, will I be able to sell them and when and where should I try? Can I get face value at the show? I'm amazed they aren't sold out and that I have worse seats than are available now. Damnit!

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Hello there,


Well yeah, this same thing happened to me today! This is awesome!! :dance:

But at the same time it's a little bit stressful, I have two general admission pit tickets for my show at West Palm Beach (Opening night of the North American tour), and apart from that I have two reserved seating tickets in an upper level section.


My advice to myself, to you, and to anybody who already bought better seats and has extra tickets on upper level sections would be to wait for a couple of weeks more before selling them. You can try on eBay or any ticket site, and see how it goes, and remember to sell them to recover the expense, don't sell them outrageously overpriced! :smug:

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