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my mom thinks i'm in love with the band


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she asked me this and i'm like NO!

she keeps asking me questions like, do you think they're good looking?

if you had a boyfriend would you want him to look like them? now i'm thinking... well i'm 13 and they're in their mid-twenties... not that i don't agree that they're good looking. ;)

but i won't say that to her.

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:blush: maybe i should start a thread on it to clear everyone up. i typed it out to a bunch of people.


okay, my answer was 1560 is how long coldplay have been a band for untill the end of the AROBTTH tour. that was the CLOSEST answer to what the real answer was which is 1560 is the number of days that coldplay have been SIGNED for untill the end of the AROBTTH tour (not including the recent dates). i love my brother. so much. he came up with the answer and then i changed the ending of it. :D :D :D

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