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Glass Of Water - Official Video?


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Yeah, I suppose. They probably cut out the 4Music logos too (like the neon sign at the beginning)?


I want to see this on TV. :(


Once I watched MAX for about 5 hours just to see Lovers In Japan on TV, they finally played it at like 11:30pm. :laugh3:

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Yeah, sorry to kill any hopes of it being a single, but we also would have been informed through official sources beforehand about it.


I actually think it's great to have a cherished, high-energy song like this that isn't a single. :)

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I don't know. I'm sort of indifferent about that.


Someone else stated this in another thread, but sometimes its better when songs don't become singles, it just makes them feel more special and personal.


But anyway, Glass Of Water was a good choice for the next single, whether it's Australia-only or not. :smiley:

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