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After the brilliant Radiohead week organised by Briggins, I thought it would be good to do more for different bands. So, next week, Monday to Friday will be SNOW PATROL WEEK. Snow Patrol are one of my favourite bands and I thought it would be great to have a Snow Patrol week! Snow Patrol have Five albums:


Songs for Polarbears (1998)

When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up (2001)

Final Straw (2003)

Eyes Open (2006)

A Hundred Million Suns (2008)


Their third album, Final Straw finally saw Snow Patrol come into the limelight! With amazing songs including Run, Chocolate and Spitting Games, Final Straw cemented Snow Patrol into a brilliant band!


Their 4th Album, Eyes Open became the BIGGEST SELLING album in the UK in 2006. Their massive single, Chasing Cars became a worldwide hit and spawned massive sales of Eyes Open.


A Hundred Million Suns, released in 2008, although not as immedietely popular as Eyes Open, debuted at #2 in the Albums Chart and has quickly become a fan favourite!




So to learn more about the brilliant Snow Patrol and to listen along, visit the World Of Music forum next week, 18th-22nd May to see a nrilliant celebration of a brilliant band!


MONDAY 18TH- Songs For Polarbears

TUESDAY 19TH- When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up

WEDNESDAY 20TH- Final Straw

THURSDAY 21ST- Eyes Open

FRIDAY 22ND- A Hundred Million Suns




In the same format of Radiohead week, I would like someone to present each day/album. I would like to present 'A Hundred Million Suns' to close the week but I need other people to present every other day, so- FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Who would like to be a part?


You will be asked, if you'd like, to fill in this for each album:


Favorite Song

Least Favorite Song

Most Listened to Song (iTunes/Last.fm)

Least Listened to song (itunes/last.fm)

Favorite song musically

Favorite song lyrically

Favorite line of the album

Most overrated song

Most underrated song

Current Favorite

Favorite when you first listened to the song


What song best exemplifies each of the members off the album

Gary Lightbody-

Paul Wilson-

Jonny Quinn-

Nathan Connolly-

Tom Simpson-





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While I'm not fully opposed to the idea, it seems we're running the risk of these types of "band weeks" becoming overly excessive. I'm not even talking about comparing Radiohead's prestige to Snow Patrol's (although Radiohead certainly has a larger fanbase here), but this might be the beginning of overkill.

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Get real, All you haters. So someone has used your idea for your Radiohead Week. GET A LIFE. This is a great idea.


I love this idea, it gives people who don't know the bands that well a way to learn information and get into them. I'm not a massive fan of Snow Patrol, but I like the idea and would be happy to advertise it.


In response to people thinking this will 'get out of hand' and 'every band will have a week' - I believe it should only be appropriate if bands that have a similar style music to Coldplay (Radiohead, Snow Patrol, etc.) get these weekly celebrations because they are more likely to appeal to coldplay fans.


I think it is a bit hypocritical for Radiohead fans to come out and say No to another band having their own week. I hope nobody that hated Radiohead tried to shut down the concept, because of course, it is not 'your forum', but to the Radiohead fans, why should it ONLY be restricted to your band? I believe your idea lacks copyright.


If you're going to whine even more, here's a solution: Snow Patrol Month.


I look forward to Snow Patrol Week.

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I've not taken Briggin's idea at all! I've built on it, this will be like the only one i do but, yeah, if there is a Radiohead week, why not Snow Patrol?


And thanks tauiwi, I completely agree with you, although I wouldn't say they don't have a life :)


Just, Briggins, I thought you would happy if there would be another band week?

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Briggins, i'll take a chill pill when you stop being selfish.


I hate to argue with you, but I just don't understand how one band gets precedence over any other??


Snow Patrol are Snow Patrol.


Radiohead are Radiohead.


This should explain the situation completely.


Briggins did it out of the sheer amount of love for Radiohead on here. It was a personal idea that many people agreed with and wanted to partake in to celebrate the genius of Radiohead.


Simon is just copying his heartfelt idea and trying to turn it into some shitty thing that happens to mediocre bands that nobody has any real love and compassion for.


Snow Patrol do not cause the same kind of emotions in people that Radiohead do, they are just an average band that people with bland music tastes like to listen to.


Although admittedly Final Straw has a few great songs, they simply don't deserve a week dedicated to them, the fact that nobody in the world has ever heard their first 2 albums also adds to this.

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Snow Patrol do not cause the same kind of emotions in people that Radiohead do, they are just an average band that people with bland music tastes like to listen to.


Your opinion, right? Who is to say they don't? Nobody knows. Yes, Radiohead have their devoted fans, Radiohead week was a great idea, which I already mentioned, but in a supposedly 'open' forum it make no sense that some individuals have any bearing on who should and who shouldn't post whatever they like (within obvious boundaries).


I'm not just sticking up for Snow Patrol, I am sticking up for the freedom of the board and people who want to promote their own bands and share interesting knowledge that gives other individuals a holistic view of the music industry.

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