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Don't you just *LOVE* discovering new bands?


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I have an obsession with British bands as you can see, and I love discovering more and more bands. I used to listen to this AMAZING radio-station on Live365.com that was simply called 'New British Invasion', it had the BEST music EVER but sadly, it closed down three months ago :cry:

Through that radio I got to discover a lot of artists I really like at the moment (more like discover them PROPERLY): Stereophonics (who soon became my 2nd favourite band - after Travis and Coldplay), Doves, Bush, Ash, Blur, Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, Reef, Suede... you get what I mean, right? "the best of the best".


After this station closed I was gutted cos there was no way to "discover more bands" anymore :rolleyes: :lol:

But recently I've gotten into Idlewild, Haven and the Coral - all three are fantastic from what I've heard. Don't you just love this feeling of finding a new fantastic band to like? :D


Maybe it's just me.

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i love discovering new talent

oh, and new bands are cool too

:dozey: :stunned:


yeah ive been to some real dive ass shiteholes to peep the latest groovers, mostly it doesnt pay off, i discover new stuff through ubercool elitist underground hype networks and random searching on google and various holier than though snob websites


my methods are unorthadox

but effective


I know bands that are soo cool

that they broke up before their first single

b/c they knew the world wasnt ready for them yet




i'm such a wise arse

:o :rolleyes:

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I love just going down to the record store and taking chances on new artists. Sure, some of it might be crap, but most of it is really interesting. That's how I found out about Nada Surf, Interpol and Rooney.







......and some of the clerks there aren't half bad-looking.... :wink3:

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