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I'm starting a band. I'm gonna sing and do rhythm guitar. I have a friend who will do lead guitar. We are gonna start out doing acoustic covers ( and hopefully originals ) while street performing. Any suggestions for a set from bands like Coldplay, Snow Patrol, U2, and Radiohead. We plan to start as a coldplay tibute, so I'm trying to make the set Coldplay oriented. I might have to censor some songs, because of a local ban on public profanity.


I already have some thought up ( not in order )


Don't Panic

Shut Your Eyes

The Scientist


Chasing Cars

Fix You

Life in Technicolor ( i and ii )



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awww...no U2 songs (yet) on your setlist?



my suggestions:


With or Without You - U2

Walk On - U2

One - U2

See You Soon - Coldplay

Prospekt's March - Coldplay

Lovers In Japan - Coldplay

The Planets Bend Between Us - Snow Patrol

Run - Snow Patrol

Grazed Knees - Snow Patrol

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All of this should keep us busy. Of course, we have to be prepared for requests, by learning to play a number of overplayed '70s hits. That means we should learn freebird, and the first few notes of stairway, unless there's a "No Satirway to Heaven" sign, like in Wayne's World. I'll have to put together setlists of about five songs for each time we perform. Beatles songs could be a good addition





In My Place

Get Back


We should call our version of Lost "Lost?+@-!"

That makes it sound like we're swearing :P

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