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Today's Top Poster(s) // Last 24 Hours Top Poster(s)


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Since you're all post-addicts and spammers of various shiny colours I've added a new statistic underneath the forums.


It will either show the top of:


1) Last 24 Hours Top Poster(s) which is a rolling 24-hour count;


2) Today's Top Poster(s) which resets the counters at the stroke of your midnight hour


If you have any preference about which you'd prefer let me know. They both produce dramatically different figures.


Enjoy :cool3:

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Top Posters In This Topic

I already have an lil idea of who's gonna be the happy top poster :rolleyes:


Wow MK more than 300 posts in a day :stunned: But you don't have any life ! :P


Yeah, these days I don't have anything to do... :sad:

Actually, I posted more than 400 yesterday, but the list says 300+ because it's only the last 24 hours. :lol:

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