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The 'Sherlock Holmes' Thread


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Really? I dont know about RDJ, He seems nervous in some scenes on the trailer which would not be very like Holmes. other than that I think he would be pretty good. I think Jeremy Brett is a better appearence of Holmes.

However, I like how Jude Law is John Watson, completely.

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The books are awesome! And I grew up watching the cartoon (directed by Mr Hayao Miyazaki)




I loved it! I wanted to be Sherlock as a kid...Like McGyver, he was my hero :smug:


And there is also the telefilm produced by Spielberg around the young Sherlock+Holmes...


As for the new movie, I absolutely LOVE RDJr so I'm sure he will be great! What let me :inquisitive: is the treatment Guy Richie did of the story...

But Jude Law is a great choice for Watson, totally fit the description of the book!

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