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The house of Chris and Gwyneth in LA


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it took me awhile to figure out what some of the words meant but...LOVE THE HOUSE! but why LA? does he WANT to die because of the smog? :rolleyes: they should be building in a more rural area...(like next door to me :sneaky:) :lol:

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is that...what in the world would chris do with a giant chess board? :laugh3:


Jonny's good @ chess :P




Nice pics :D I like the tennis court @ the back :lol:

As soon as I saw it, I thought squee a giant chess board for Jonny and a little love shack right next to it. :sneaky:
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awesome house! :wacky:

but how many houses does Chris have?:thinking:

i have some piccies of other houses....



Maybe they're only renting it for a few months

I'm not a huge fan of that house. I like old style European/New England houses/flats :) But it's still nice.I think I would die if I had to live in LA though.

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