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iTunes problem- album artwork

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So I added a bunch of new album covers to my iTunes last night, since I was missing a bunch of them. This morning, though, after syncing my iPod, I noticed that all of my covers got scrambled between albums. For instance, I now have a Radiohead album cover on a Coldplay song, or a Beatles album cover on a Radiohead song (etc). It's only like that on my iTouch, though, because I checked iTunes and all of the covers are still with the correct albums on there.


Does anyone know how to fix this or what happened? I really really really don't want to have to go through every single song and switch the album cover back to the right one, just to have it not work again. :wreck:

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And always double check when right-clicking to get artwork from the music store, as sometimes it is wrong.


Manly for the artists who have deals with itunes with massive collections (U2, Bob Dylan) where the artwork of the album is the artwork for the collection.

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