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have you ever heard My Sacrifice or One Last Breath? how are those songs boring in anyway?



because they put me to sleep?

all their songs sound the same anyway. It seems to me like they're trying too hard to sound like they have soul, and it just sounds fake and booooring. I dunno what I'm on about, but I think everyone gets my drift :)

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:lol: Creed... You know they were the last band to play at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas last year (after Coldplay I think) and when they came onstage someone in the audience shouted "God hates you!" as everyone left. The next day, one of the guys on the morning show said there's a difference between closing a show and ending it. ;)

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no they just have the same technique as every other rock band there at the moment don't really bring anything new!!! :rolleyes:

fair enough their songs are good but they are just following the same pattern again and again :/

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