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What is your best memory?

Matter-Eater Lad

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ooooh there are many things that come to my mind right now...there is probably no best moment in my life...maybe this will happen when I have a baby...


one thing that came to my mind immediately was at the Coldplay concert last year....when they played "Lovers in Japan" and the paper butterflies came down the ceiling and I put my face into the air and I tried to catch the butterflies....I wasn't really touched by the concert before but that moment touched me to tears...and it was SO short.

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What is your all time best memory? If you had to pick the best moment in your life, what was it?


i can't pick just one:


with family :thinking:

i guess some time when i was like 5 or so, when i had my most preciated relatives around me and little things made me so happy, like when every summer i had the best watermelon ready for me from my grandma :nice: that was so lovely, or when my uncle hold us up hehe that was so funny.


with highschool friends, must be when i was 16 and we had the school trip to Madrid, that night :lol: just to see the most serious student drunk, that priceless. :lol:


school friends, when we were like 10 and almost everyone had a "couple", we even attempted a wedding :lol: that was hilarious, and when we went ride a bike together one day, that was so nice. :)


from my neigbour friends i guess, when i was 11 and they fight for no reason :rolleyes: and i could do nothing to stop them...


just random but really i remember when i turned 13 i felt so good, no reason really, just i thought it was the best age ever :lol: you are not a kid nor an adult so yet you have no big responsabilities so you can still have fun.

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My best future moment is going to see Coldplay on August 6th.


But, my best past moment is going to California.


That's on my birthday...during band camp and the first week of soccer...it'd be the fourth best birthday present ever, since I was a fan for a long time and I've been a half-fan for a long time... :(


Ooh, ooh, I think I thought of mine.


It might be winning the state soccer tournament. Or coming third in poetry in the Young Writers competition. Or maybe, the Gogol Bordello concert...yes, that's it. Eugene grabbed my hand. =D


No, no...this is another edit...my favorite memory is going to the store as a 3-year-old and buying tons and tons of toys with my grammy...the rubber shark was my favorite, but I loved the dinosaurs...I wish I could go back, or at least remember more of it...now I ache. x_x

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