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Hahahaha! :)


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Taken from MTV.com (I hope no one has posted it before):



(about the VMA rehearsals) ...Before Coldplay began rehearsing "The Scientist," frontman Chris Martin was told that a good chunk of the song had to be cut off at the end to save time. At the conclusion of the first run-through, Martin was signaled when to end. "How much time have they taken off of it?" he asked incredulously, then laughed. "Why don't we just come out and bow without playing a note?"

Drummer Will Champion caused Martin to start laughing during one of the six takes of the song by shifting into a punk rock beat as the singer crooned, "Nobody said it was easy." And between takes, bassist Guy Berryman and guitarist Jon Buckland killed time by improvising a loose version of the Stone Roses' "Fool's Gold," among other less recognizable songs.

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wow where da ya find all this info????

maya is the coldplayin' jounalist!!!


Haha thank you :cool: actually I am a journalist here at Coldplaying :D

And this article was taken from MTV.com, I couldn't stop laughing :lol:


you've not put it up on the news page yet eh eh eh :wink3: ;) :D


Hehe yeah, was planning on doing it later on today :D But seeing as I'm going to bed in a sec I'll do it now :P

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