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so i'm gonna get my first piano

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Go for one of the Yamaha. Ideally, scrap the digital options and go for an acoustic. I've been playing classically (and jazz) for over 12 years, and take it from me - acoustics are a world apart from digitals. I didn't look at your choices in-depth, but make sure you get decently weighted keys.


Other than that - make sure you practice, and remember that you learn everything in steps. Just as you wouldn't approach special relativity before doing kinematics, you've got to climb your way up in piano as well. Theory is important, don't neglect it (as much as you want to play Coldplay, classical theory is important too :))

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that's ok too ;)


but as much as some advice: do not go for a real acoustic!

you must have a well temperatured room (steady temperature, not hot & cold changing). important is also that there is no floor heating! the room mustn't be too humid but also not too dry, and last but not least they need to be re-tuned every couple of months (3-4 i guess). (oh, not to forget: they are hell of a lot expensive!)

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