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Coldplay whine and dine in the US (damn 3am girls)


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^fancy that? an article on Coldplay and only a pic of Chris :rolleyes: btw, this IS by the 3am girls, so its most probably utter crap, but I thought I'd post it anyway



WE'RE getting increasingly concerned about the strange behaviour of Coldplay.


The British group don't just rock up at concerts and perform anymore - now they have a list of demands.




Included on their rider for the MTV awards in New York last week, the secret divas wanted a bunch of flowers in a vase in their dressing room.


And that's just for starters.


Lead singer Chris Martin may not drink but that didn't stop the others from wanting to indulge. They asked for two bottles of red wine and four bottles of chilled dry white wine which they specified should not be chardonnay.


In case they got peckish, the four of them also decreed that they should have a full selection of gourmet foods.


Included on the list was homemade soup, fish, vegetables, salad, bread, dressing and a tray of raw vegetables.


Looking after your figures, boys?


There wasn't so much as a cream puff in sight for afters as the band wanted strawberries, grapes and cantaloupe melon instead.


How rock 'n' roll.




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