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Coldplay tribute in Sheffield Sunday 18th Oct 2009


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Coldplay tribute in Sheffield Sunday 18th October


Hey there, firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section.


On Sunday 18th October Coldplay Tribute Viva La Coldplay appear at Mentholmans@West St Live, 128 West St, Sheffield, S1 4ES


advance tickets priced at £5 each are available from the venue or a buy online service can be made available if you email [email protected] with the title "Coldplay". Otherwise it's £6 on the door. Doors are at 6.30pm and support comes from local bands Pocket Satellite and Seven Hills.






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Guest howyousawtheworld

I know of two Coldplay tribute bands. One is called Coldplace and the other is a Canadian tribute band called Coldplayers.

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I'd be really interested in this if it wasn't so far away from me...


I've talked to a few people about booking a Coldplay tribute band for a Coldplayers gig in London sometime, but we'd need to guarantee a lot of people coming to make it work. And, it's gonna be a lot of organisation (not my strong point :P).

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Well we have a few London dates in the pipeline you may be interested to hear Tonsu, trying to organize dates in Watford and Ruislip (which are tube-able as far as I'm aware)...


However, if you do get round to organizing a Coldplayers gig that would be awesome. I've heard Monto Water Rats in Kings Cross is quite cheap to hire and they get a cracking sound. By all means put Viva la Coldplay forward as your act!


Thanks for the kind words anyway guys,




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