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What do you think to the new colours and pic?


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:P :D


You should have seen some of the colours I was practicing with, this board was pink for all of 3 seconds!


If you change this board pink AND take the father christmas smilies away, I will have to not come here for at least a day. OR I may even curse you to make you fall in puddles. I like doing that, lol.

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i like the new color's :) it's very more appealing for the eye i think white can be blinding sometimes especially when alot of sites on the net are white... anywho good job!


when exactly did chris hurt his hand? i remember seeing them perform in my place on conan o'brien and his hand was hurt.... but when i saw them in concert maybe a few weeks before he was fine...i can't remember exactly

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the beige reminds me of ice cream :shrug: i dont know why.


did you try using a dark blue for the background. just a suggestion :shrug: :D ....then you would also have to change the color of the text.


i'm not too big on the beige, but the picture i really like. thats the first thing i noticed when i came here. i didnt know at first writing was on the right side hand until you mentioned it.

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I thought this is Yellow! ;)

Well, I guess it's kinda beige! Reminds of ice-cream as well! Vanilla! :D


I think the hands look like girl's hand... :shock:

yeah vanilla ice cream!!


those hands do look girly....they look pretty :D

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must be the rare sight of the sun ........ :D


it's been gorgeously sunny here the past couple of days (in a cold, wintery way of course) :D


Lucky you! We had rain and more rain until yesterday, when the clouds started to lift from near-ground level! Now it's gorgeous! We're expecting snow on Tuesday (had a bit yesterday) - are you?

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