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Can anybody define me spam (in the lounge)?

Gitta Rensolo

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I've read in some threads that there is too much spam in the lounge....what do you mean by spam?

For me spam is stupid advert threads....if we define rather senseless threads which are meant as fun as spam then 98% of the lounge is spam. We are small groups of people in this lounge who enjoy each others threads (within these small groups) and others who are not in this group consider these threads as spam


So, what I actually want to say is: Even if there weren't those "spam" threads the lounge wouldn't be any better, because then the first page would be blank as long as other threads weren't created


I've been thinking so hard about serious threads I could create, but I am out of ideas...:disappointed:

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-cheap nike shoes


-best video converter!


-wow gold

oh you forgot manga

Advertisement threads.

now define advertisement... cause according to some people, threads about or for a user is like spam. :dozey:


I live; therefore I am. :cheesy:

clever girl there. :cheesy:


oh btw......I thought of serious threads again:


How about a belly dance thread?:thinking:






belly belly, dancing dancing. :dance:


Anything that doesn't please all the annoying people of the world can be considered spam


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