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What's so special about meeting famous people?

Gitta Rensolo

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Guest howyousawtheworld

I have seen only a few famous people in my life time because of where I live and that is Prince Charles and the Coldplay members in concert. Seriously those are the only famous people I have seen PHYSICALLY.

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first question is what we consider a famous person is...


i mean i've met some people who i consider important, but other people don't even find them as important as to be famous...




I have met a lot of famous classical artists. But, then when I tell somebody about it, they could careless.

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I met Mansun 10 years ago. They were actually really nice considering they were having to put up with a drunken 15 year old. But it wasn't that exciting.


I met a guy from Symposium. He boughted me a drink :D


I spoke to Eero Heinonen from The Rasmus (:lol: to the max!) He told me to stop perving on him. (:lol: to the double-max and :facepalm: )


I met Dlugokecki (okay, he's not famous) but he was a proper **** when I met him, and I never did get round to listening to that album in the end. Shame because I loved his music.


So I don't go out of my way to meet the famousers anymore :lol:

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To meet either Liam Finn or Thom Yorke would be insane.

I would be extremely nervous if I met Thom, I would be apologizing for annoying him or whatever.

Liam would just be awesome :D I've seen him before :surprised: Out of the ca parks window, he was out the back of the venue :surprised:




I'm obsessed.

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