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Kelsie Kaulitz <3333333

Mojo Pin

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Kelsie's in her honeymoon. :wacky:


Aww how sweet! :heart:


Btw, i got some pic of their wedding :wacko:






It's that time again.


Oh yes baby! We can never get enough of that pic :whip:


she hasn't given birth to the child yet....but Julie cut her belly and took the baby out of it...:wreck:

Julie is wild i tell ya :stunned:


My eyes have been raped.

I think you need more :lips:




Oh Ren, the baby's name is Kajulerensiaplurdon, in case you hadn't heard. :p

Aww that's one cute name :blush:

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That's is a really pretty boy. Like, he's not attractive at all, but I keep thinking of him as a chick, and thinking, "She's pretty," but then I remember it's a guy, and girls that looks like guys are NOT pretty, but this is a guy that looks like a chick, so I guess he'd be pretty for a tranny.

I wonder what he looks like without make up and longish twister sister hair :uhoh:


Oh wait!...






Am I an old man? :sick:

Nooo, that's your hubby :kiss:

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