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Foreign films


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I like watching anything foreign...well not everything


But, I do enjoy watching movies from other countries...

Give me your recommendation on any movie that you have seen recently.


Some movies I have watched and liked....Blue, Ponette, Amelie, etc.

These are french, but I like any language...As long as it has subtitles....even English...but from the UK or anything other than the US. :)

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I love spanish movies (from Spain) maybe you've watched Almodovar films i think they're great, one of my favorites spanish movies is "The Lovers of the Polar Circle" watch also Thesis and Open your eyes from Alejandro Amenabar the german movies are great also like Run Lola Run or The Princess and the Warrior, when i remenber others i'll let you know here :D

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1.Goya in Bordeaux (French and Spanish) it's just plain odd but meaningful...helps ya understand many of his works...

2. 24 Hours in London (a UK film) I thought it was hilarious...a bit like a really low budget Snatch.

3. The Red Violin (a Quebecoise film...but it's got a whole bunch of languages) I absobloodylutely love this movie...I'll admit ...I cried ...but it's really a beautiful movie!

4. Russian Ark (Russian) it's really odd and gets a bit draggy toward the end but it's technically stunning! It's all done in one shot- absolutely no editing- takes you through a bit of Russian history plus shows you some beautiful shots of the Hermitage.

5. Monsoon Wedding (an Indian/English film that didn't get a huuuge playing over here) this one is quirky.


That's it for now...I can't think of anymore...

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i LOVE absolutely LOVE amelie, that is my favourite movie of all time, it is the greatest movie, well for me, lol, but i also love run lola run, so good, another good foreign film is Mad Love( the spanish title is Juana e loco, somethin like that, its about about the Queen of spain in 1504), really good movie. i could talk all day abut foreign films, my fav films as well. other movies that are not american and are really good are whale rider, dirty pretty things, the magdalene sisters and saint monica. All very good movies!!! i reccomend everybody to go see them, i don't think foreign films get enough recognition. it's just me, but i think foreign and independent films are some of the best films out there!! there's my shpeel, lol. GO SEE THEM!! haha :D

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